Products & Services

Enterprise Application Development

Harezmi IT Solutions offer various high quality software development services including end-to-end solutions for your companies software requirements, supporting your technology choice and adoption process, helping you to find your way out of the highly complex and risky software development jungle.

We offer you ready to deploy, end-to-end solutions to your companies software development requirements. We develop high quality, low cost solutions with the help of our many years’ accumulated expertise on enterprise application development area. We work fast enough in order to keep you competitive in your business and respond to your customers in shortest possible time.

Consultancy on Technology and Software Development Process

If you want to start an new enterprise application development project. You want to employ various enterprise Java technologies, but you don’t know where to start with. You are scared with too many alternatives among various frameworks, and don’t want to sacrifice your project as a testbed for those technologies. Your team members are not certain about how to proceed with, and your project schedule is pushing you very hard. For all those and any other issues you face with we are ready to support you and work shoulder to shoulder in order to make your project a success story.

Expert One-On-One Mentoring Services

You can call up anytime during your project’s development lifecycle. We work close with your team in order to transfer our expertise to you with the shortest possible period. We don’t feed you, but provide you means and teach you how to fish.

Enterprise Java Trainings

Harezmi IT Solutions doesn’t attempt to offer training sessions for any technology with deal with. We only offer courses on topics we have extensive experience and working knowledge gained over years.Our aim is not to deliver you information read from books directly, but give you only working and refined knowledge. Currently, we offer courses on following topics

  • Java Programming Courses in any level
  • Java EE Technology Courses
  • Spring Application Framework and Enterprise Application Development
  • Spring Security Framework and Enterprise Web Application Security
  • Aspect Oriented Programming using Spring AOP and AspectJ
  • Persistence with Hibernate and JPA
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Design Patterns
  • Developing RIA using Vaadin

You can find more information about those courses and any other information to register ask on-site training sessions from our website.