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"If you substract eight out of eight, nothing remains. Then place a little circle in order not to left it as empty!"

Those are words from a book of Harezmi who was a famous Turkish scientist lived around 8th century. He was the first who introduced zero to the Eurpoean world. As you know computer systems are all based on 0 and 1 which is called as binary system. In that respect, some authorities see Harezmi as the one who made today’s computer technologies possible. Our company whose aim is to develop fast, quality and innovative solutions has wanted to cherish the memory of Harezmi’s name in it. Our aim is to be another pioneer in IT world around Turkey and in the globe.

Harezmi IT Solutions has been founded in order to offer you high quality, low cost and working solutions for your software development needs after many years of extensive experience on enterprise Java technologies, software development processes, object oriented systems and software architectures.

Our aim is to function on areas where we are best and develop fast, quality and innovative solutions. We simply create real value for you. In addition to our enterprise software development services, we also tunnel refined knowledge and working experience into IT sector with our training sessions as well.

Products & Services

Enterprise Application Development

We employ our extensive software development experience accumulated over many years in order to deliver solutions to your custom software application requirements with speed, quality and satisfying budget.

Technology Consultancy and Mentoring

We provide you with hands on consultancy and mentoring services on enterprise Java technologies, agile processes, TDD, object oriented software development, and software architectures.

Enterprise Java Trainings

We believe in that training sessions we offer on Spring Application and Security Framework, Hibernate, OOAD, Design Patterns, and Aspect Oriented Programming add your company and your staff extra value.


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